For many years, handbags were for me just vehicles to carry my keys, makeup, diary and all the other bits and pieces from one place to another.

One night I was wondering what to do with all the haberdashery stock left from when I had my shop, when I was suddenly inspired to start knitting and each handbag I made took on a life of its own as I started knitting with no idea of how it would turn out. The results are shown on this website and I have many more in my head just waiting to be created.

Please look at the section on Handbags to give you an idea of the different shapes and patterns I can make for you although not in exactly the same fabrics and colours. 

All handbags are fully lined with one or more pockets and can be steam or dry cleaned. Fasteners vary depending upon the design or your requirements. Shoulder and wrist straps are optional.

These designs (or new ones) can also be made to match an outfit or in your favourite colour.

Since making my own handbags, I've come across thousands of beautiful handbags being made daily by other creative people and I have decided to put links to their blogs rather than do my own because I just want to concentrate on designing and making handbags.  I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I do.  Many are also great for handbag components, tips and ideas.

Please use the Contact Form if you would like me to make you a handbag or to buy one that is ready-made. Thank you.

I am also offering haberdashery, dressmaking and alterations to people living in and around Woodford Green and Essex under Trimmings Galore.

Latest Designs April 2014